Allweld is widely recognized as a superior producer of aluminum tanks. Most of the tanks produced are body tanks or pull trailers commonly used by bulk petroleum agents to serve their various customers in Canada and the U.S.

The company also designs and manufactures "B" train tankers that are used in longer distance hauling. Materials used in construction are of a very high quality and Allweld tanks are intentionally built stronger than those of the competition. Due to the high quality of manufacture, warranty claims for product failure are virtually non-existent. Customers clearly indicate that they prefer Allweld tanks over competitive options because the company offers a superior product at a very competitive price.


Allweld has the ability to produce a variety of other trailers such as grain units, flat decks and end-dumps. The company has focussed primarily on tank manufacturing due to the volume of work available and the strategic advantage that we hold in that marketplace.

Aluminum manufacturing and fabrication can also be done to customer specifications on a custom basis.