Allweld Manufacturing is a high quality manufacturer of aluminum tanks used for hauling a variety of industrial liquids. Our company has been in business for 26 years and has acquired a reputation amongst our customers for making the best product in the industry.

Allweld’s primary business focus for this past 15 years has been building tanks used in trucking bulk fuel and oil to customers throughout Canada and the U.S. Allweld also manufactures units used in hauling water, liquid road applications, fire retardant, as well as many other uses. We are also a manufacturer of fire trucks used by municipal and private fire fighting fleets. The company has manufactured flat deck trailers, dump units, grain haulers and other trailers for the trucking industry over the last twenty years.

Allweld does a variety of aluminum manufacturing and fabrication on a custom basis and is one of very few authorized facilities able to service and repair fuel and oil tanks in British Columbia.

Although our primary market has been British Columbia, Alberta and the Canadian Territories, you will find Allweld products throughout Canada and the United States.


Our mission is to be the recognized leader in providing aluminum tanks used for storage and transportation of industrial liquids. We provide the highest quality products and service at the least total cost to our customers.